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Falene Hough

Orofacial Myofuntional Therapist

My name is Falene Hough, and I have a Bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Lifetime wellness from BYU- Idaho. I also have an Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene from Coastal Bend College in Beeville, TX. I got my certification in Orofacial Myology from Neo Health Services. Patient education is a passion of mine. I feel that patients will be more inclined to act on my recommendations if they understand why they need to do them. The other thing that patients need to know is that I care about their health and well-being. I strive to make each patient feel as if they are the only thing that matters when I am with them. I love being able to coach people in making positive changes in their lives. I also love to find ways to help people get the care they need by thinking outside to box. Working with individuals that may have more challenges to care, including Autism is something that I love to do. Since starting on this path to better airway for patients it has become a new passion and a new joy to my clinical life. I love being able to use my knowledge and expertise to help people in a whole new way.